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Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library


Welcome to the Mansfield Library institutional repository.


This community was last updated on 4/19/2011.

  • They are in the public domain
  • The rights are owned by The University of Montana
  • The University of Montana has permission to make them accessible
  • We make them accessible for education and research purposes as a legal fair use, or
  • There are no known restrictions on use
To learn what your responsibilities are if you’d like to use the materials, please contact [contact information or web page.]

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Recent Submissions

  • Test, Test (2014-02-26)
  • Pasquerella, Lynn (2013-05-01)
  • Roosevelt, Anna Curtenius (2013-05-01)
  • McDonald, Roger; Cody, David; Millan, Luis; Kalm, Stephen; Hahn, Christopher; Beck Peterson, Dorothy; Bach, Johann Sebastian; Coste, Napoleon; Douglass, Bill; McMichael, Catherine; Glick, Srul Irving (2013-05-01)
  • UM Jazz Band; Boyd, Lance; Bush, Eric; Hooper, Les; Fain, Sammy; Holmes, Roger; Van Heusen, James; Cahn, Sammy; Baylock, Alan; Nelson, Oliver; Foster, Frank; Basie, Count; Taylor, Mark; Wright, Rayburn; Zawinul, Joe; Wilson, Phil; Vanderberg, Lynn; Pertis, Tommy; Clark, Warren; Dwyer, Dylan; Hein, Jarom; Reep, Chad; Haroldson, Neil; Hamling, Mike; Kendall, Anna; Goldhahn, Evan; Harbour, Noah; Haag, Rebecca; Ciucci, Adrian; Hollow, Cody; Ensley, Brandon; Scott, Erin (2013-04-26)

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